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quantum algorithm design software

Quantum is disrupting computing. Classiq is revolutionizing quantum software development.

Use our platform to solve real-world problems with quantum circuits that could not be created otherwise.

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The new way to create quantum circuits

It's feels like a quantum superpower: our platform transforms high-level functional models into optimized quantum circuits. For any gate-based system and cloud provider.

a revolution in quantum software development

quantum circuits
in minutes

Forget laborious gate-level coding.
Synthesize quantum circuits from
high-level functional descriptions. Create sophisticated circuits that could not be designed otherwise, and turn months of manual work into minutes.

precise optimization of quantum circuits

Automatically optimize quantum circuits at the system-level. Control the width, depth, accuracy, entanglement level, gate selection and much more. Specify the behavior you need and the constraints you want to meet, then watch our software do the hard work.

Build Commercial-grade quantum algorithms

Quickly design novel circuits to solve problems in optimization, machine learning, finance, chemistry and more. Analyze, optimize and maintain quantum circuits with ease, and deploy on the hardware and cloud provider of your choice.

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quantum algorithm design

The Classiq software Platform


A complete software platform for the design, synthesis, resource estimation,
analysis, deployment and debug of pure and hybrid quantum algorithms.

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The Classiq Platform

Classiq UI

Introducing the next layer of the quantum software stack - the platform that empowers you to instantly design, test, analyze, and synthesize any quantum idea you can think of.

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Customers and quantum partners

Forward thinking companies, academic institutions, and national research labs are joining the IBM Quantum Network to put quantum to use in solving today's unsolvable problems.

Transforming the European Quantum Community to a strong Quantum Industry.

FRAUNHOFER SEQUOIA – Software engineering of industrial, hybrid quantum applications and algorithms.

The Chicago Quantum Exchange convenes leading academic researchers, top scientific facilities, and the most innovative industry partners in the world to advance the science and engineering of quantum information, train the next generation of quantum scientists and engineers, and drive the quantum economy.

The European Quantum Industry Consortium advocates, promotes, and fosters the common interests of the European Quantum Industry towards all Quantum Technology stakeholders.


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