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quantum algorithm design

Our software automatically synthesizes optimized quantum circuits from high-level functional models.

It does so for the back-end and constraint set of your choice, and allows you to change them at will.

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create the impossible

Our patented software platform helps teams model, synthesize, optimize and analyze quantum circuits that could not be created otherwise.

a revolution in quantum software development

more insPiration,
less perspiration

Forget gate-level coding.
Synthesize quantum circuits from
high-level functional descriptions. Turn months of work into minutes. Easily port between hardware platforms.

system-level optimization

Automatically optimize at the system-level and for the hardware of your choice. Specify the desired behavior and constraints, and then watch our software do the hard work.


Perfect for any universal gate-based quantum computer today and tomorrow. Compatible with most major quantum hardware and cloud providers.

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quantum algorithm design

The Classiq Platform


A complete software platform for the design, synthesis, resource estimation,
analysis and debug of pure and hybrid quantum algorithms.

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The Classiq Platform

Classiq UI

Introducing the next layer of the quantum software stack - the platform that empowers you to instantly design, test, analyze, and synthesize any quantum idea you can think of.

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