Concentrate on high-level functional model design and let Classiq effortlessly convert it into an optimized quantum circuit. Experience a quantum leap in your approach to quantum computing with Classiq.

Speed up your learning and research with our no-code environment, interactive visualizations for efficient debugging, and seamless compatibility with all major cloud-based quantum computers—irrespective of the hardware. All these features are neatly packaged within a user-friendly interface.

Whether you're a researcher, a student, or an educator, Classiq is your passport to personal quantum supremacy.

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what does classiq for academia offer?

The Classiq Platform is a one-stop-shop from creation of quantum circuits through to visualization, analysis, optimization and hardware access. Let us be your quantum computing training resource to streamline education and research. 

Whether you are a researcher, a student or teaching a quantum computing course Classiq facilitates creation of state-of the-art circuits that are ready to be seamlessly executed on gate-based hardware.

Quantum computing educators will have access to complex tools that can aid in development and research with our platform as a streamlined quantum computing training resource. An introduction to quantum computing for beginners can be less daunting with our platform as a quantum computing tool.

The complex capabilities and easy-to-use interface of our platform make it the ideal quantum computing resource. Those who have experience or are now having an introduction to quantum computing can benefit from our platform as an aid to quantum computing education.


Take your quantum computing training and research to a higher level. Getting started with quantum computing research is exciting with Classiq’s quantum computer training tools. Design and test quantum algorithms and circuits without having to manually construct the low-level circuit descriptions. Quantum circuit synthesis can optimize circuit descriptions to improve performance or reduce resource requirements of the quantum algorithm on a specific hardware platform.

The Classiq Platform lets you implement scientific, large or complex circuits that might otherwise to too difficult to work on when researching and learning quantum computing. The user-friendly design will help you streamline your quantum computing training and research.


Are you a studying quantum computing, computer science or quantum information science? The Classiq Platform allows you to learn how to design and experiment with different circuits and visualize them in detail. The Classiq Platform is highly interactive which can make quantum computing training for students much more engaging and stimulating.

This can help you better understand the principles of quantum computing as well as to progress more quickly on your quantum education journey. Getting started with quantum computing has never been this simple. Our user-friendly platform makes it ideal for quantum computing training and research.


Your quantum computing training courses shouldn’t be left behind. Leading universities are using the Classiq Platform to teach quantum computing training and courses. With our platform as a quantum computing training resource, you can allow students to experiment with different circuit designs and see detailed visualizations of how they are generated.

By using a quantum circuit synthesizer for quantum computing education, students can better understand the principles of quantum computing and how to design quantum algorithms.

seamless: From Modeling to execution

Quantum flowchart
Quantum circuits


Define your model and set your constraints

When working with the Classiq Platform you are freed up to focus on what’s important with this platform as your quantum computing training resource. The platform let’s you use an intuitive IDE or a Python SDK interface so you can develop your own functions, or use the built in libraries.

This approach relieves you of laborious gate-level design and automatically generates your circuit. In moments, the Classiq Platform searches the problem set and synthesizes the quantum circuit according to your model, constraints and output language. As a quantum computing training tool, this saves time for researchers, teachers, and students.

Classiq platform
Classiq quantum circuits visualization
visualize and interrogate your QUANTUM circuit

Once synthesized, not only can you see the circuit, you can click your way through it to get a complete view and insight into the quantum circuit. You can also debug and optimize before you progress to executing on a broad range of back-end hardware. This improves the overall efficiency for students, educators, and researchers who use our platform as a quantum education tool.

This kind of interactivity is excellent for quantum computing education. Students can use this as a visual aid to help them process and understand the complexities and principles during their quantum computing training.

how Classiq implemented Shor’s algorithm

In this paper we presented new modeling constructs and idioms that result from a thorough review of many quantum algorithms and implementations published over the years. Even in such singular algorithms as Shor’s, Grover’s, or HHL’s – all of which can be stated relatively simply by abstracting out all internal structure. Here, a wealth of complexities arises when looking into the next level of details – the modular exponentiation in Shor’s algorithm, the oracle in Grover’s, and the form of the linear equations in HHL’s.

Learn more>Workflow from an academic paper, through Classiq. creating a quantum circuit implementation that can be analyzed with the Azure Quantum Resource Estimator

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