Solving SAT Problems with the Classiq platform on Amazon Braket

Shahak Lahav, Josiah Bjorgaard, Hannah Sage, Amir Naveh, Adam Goldfeld, Yoni Zimmerman, and Yuval Boger

Boolean satisfiability problems (SAT) are a well-known class of difficult (NP-Complete) computational problems. The process of finding solutions to these problems can be performed using quantum computers. In a recent blog post published on the Amazon Braket blog, we will describe what SAT problems are and show you how to express SAT problems with the Classiq quantum algorithm design platform. We will outline the unique approach that Classiq takes – demonstrating how Classiq uses high-level functional modeling, synthesizes quantum circuits, and executes them on Amazon Braket. In this blog post, you’ll learn how to build and solve a SAT problem with Classiq and Amazon Braket.

Read the full AWS blog on solving SAT problems with Classiq on Amazon Bracket here.

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